• Ben Sabic

    Student, Entrepreneur, and Mental Health Advocate

  • Post-secondary student, entrepreneur, and mental health advocate.

    Passion for sports, event management, social media, and website development. Quick learner with proven ability to work efficiently and independently. Friendly and enthusiastic with strong communication skills, excelling in leadership roles and teamwork environments. Enamoured with all things creative and innovative.

    Born and raised in the heart of Canada, Ben is someone who loves giving back to the community and affecting positive change. He is also a proud Winnipegger and a fan of the Jets.


  • Prairie Vitamin

    Founder and Managing Director 

    January 2017 – Present

    Prairie Vitamin is an event and campaign management firm that primarily works with non-profit organizations. The firm aids non-profit organizations with their growth, by raising awareness towards their cause and funds for their operations.

    We embrace the power of youth, do things differently and family means everything to us. We aren't co-workers or fellow OC members - we're one big family, and we aim to change the world.

    Turn your dreams into reality and leave a lasting legacy.

    The word philanthropy has its roots in the greek language meaning 'love for mankind.' It was never meant to apply only to donors of thousands or millions of dollars.

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  • We're not going to eliminate mental health stigma tomorrow, but we can sure as hell try.